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Heading to Milan soon and you want some advice about the city, food and what should you visit? I can tell you a few tips and tricks learned from my trip to Italy.

Milan it’s one of the best options for a city break in Italy. Why? Because it offers a taste of Italian culture, fashion and you can find their traditional food in every restaurant.

You can walk miles and never be bored of the complexity of the architectural views that you will be delighted to meet on the way, but you will get exhausted.

Who said Milan it’s a small city, they haven’t had the time to explore it on foot.

Milan, Piazza del Duomo

Now let’s see where you can stay, eat and what you can visit during a long weekend in the “City of Fashion”.


I stayed at Hotel Brasil, at two kilometres from the centre of Milan. The hotel was clean, comfortable, cheap and suitable for a young couple without whims.

The advantages

  1. It was clean and cheap for a student budget. Around 40 euros per night.
  2. Near a bus station. You can access the Train Station quickly.

The disadvantages

  1. Too far from the tourist attractions.
  2. We had expenses with transportation from the hotel to the centre, 1.5 euro per ticket.


My advice would be that, even if it was cheaper than the rest of the hotels, it is good to take into consideration that it would be better to pay more for the accommodation and stay close to the city centre. Staying far away would bring expenses with transportation and also you will lose time.

Where do we eat?

Sometimes this question leads to nothing, but the other times leads to places you never knew before.

Before the trip in Milan starts, someone gave me the idea to use a site where at different hours I can get discounts to 50% of the bill. Really? Is it this real? Fortunately, YES!

That is how I discovered The Fork. A site where you choose a restaurant, an hour, make a reservation and wait for your chance to eat cheap and tasty!

Due to this site, I found Pavarotti Milano Restaurant Museum. It’s placed in Duomo square, at 4th floor and as soon as you entered you are welcomed by lovely staff, Pavarotti’s music, pictures, his suit and a piano. We had reservations at this exclusive restaurant with 50% on the bill. We tasted their traditional prosciutto, salami, parmesan, bread with olive oil and herbs. Then, we ordered lasagna and pasta with ricotta and spinach. It was a delicious meal! Eventually, this dinner was 30 euro for both of us, whereby without the discount was 60 euro plus tip.

Advantages of this site

  1. Discounts, of course!
  2. You can try expensive restaurants with good quality food without blaming yourself that you spend too much on food.
  3. This site covers different locations from Europe.
  4. You will find great restaurants and pubs.


  1. They are strict with the reservations. If you miss one without announcing, you will lose your right of using their platform.


You need to try this at least once in your life! Although, be careful with the reservations, because it’s a pity if you miss this way of reducing your expenses on your trips.

What to visit in Milan?

Piazza del Duomo comprise the most visited and stunning attractions in Milan. It begins with Duomo Cathedral, an impressive building restored for keeping the old-centuries architecture.

Cathedral Duomo di Milano

Near the Cathedral is the Vittorio Emanuele II Galeries, a place full of art and fashion. A lovely combination between the roofs painted with famous portraits and vintage scenarios and with the designer’s prestigious and fashionable shops.

Vittorio Emanuell II

Next, you can visit the Sforza Castle, paced at 10 minutes from the Piazza del Duomo.

The Sforza’s walls are unique from my point of view because there are so many holes in it and I wondered why. The curiosity continued after I listened to the whole audio guide through the museum until I asked a lady working there and she told me that those holes were used to help workers to climb and finish the construction of the castle. Now, every time I see holes in walls of a castle or fortress, I am not thinking that the guards had put their guns or cannons into the gap and shot from there.

Sforza Castle

Walking on the streets of Milan it’s more cultural than seeing all the tourist attractions for once. Try to see the people, their style, try their delicious food and listen to their fast speaking. I think this is the way to get to know a country and this kind of things remain in your mind for a long time.

My advice here it’s to be open-minded, absorb the authenticity of the population and maybe start a conversation with a local for finding out the best places in town.

Have a good trip to Milan and don’t forget to comment your experience! I am very curious about your story. 😉


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