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My first and the last trip in Paris was when I was 15 years old and for me, it wasn’t what I expected to be.

My aunt and I took a city break to Paris at the beginning of September 2012. Back then, I classified the city of lights as my favourite city in Europe. I saw a lot of French movies, I loved the romantic atmosphere that Paris gives you, the Eiffel Tour, the French music alongside the Senna and it doesn’t stop here. But in reality wasn’t like that.

For my age, wasn’t romantic at all, especially in the lack of a boyfriend. The terraces with French music I couldn’t find them, the Champs Elysees was full of techno music. The Louvre was great on the outside, but I couldn’t enter because art, at that moment, bored me. So, it really wasn’t what I expected.

Yet a lot of people adore Paris and I believe them, because if I will go again now, at 20 years old, with a little knowledge about Da Vinci and a long relationship I definitely would see different the tourist attractions and feel the romance of this city.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked there, I saw a lot of beautiful gardens, I took a cruise with a “Bateaux-mouches” along Senna, I met different cultures, I tried crepes and macarons, I went to Fragonard, the perfume museum, where I smelled incredible aromas and mixtures. I shopped shoes from Andre and I still have them, because were the best price-quality shoes I ever had. I really have a lot of good memories.

In this 5 years, I analyzed why all the expectations flew away and why now I classify Amsterdam to be my favourite city in Europe. So I reach to this conclusion: my age wasn’t proper for all that history and art which Paris offers you, it was maybe a good idea to go to Disneyland, and it’s never too late to go there anyway. Back then I wasn’t ready for the French cuisine because it is so different from Romanian food and also I got disappointed. Obviously, I never got disappointed about the French sweets and patisserie. Movies are movies, the reality is different. So these being said, I need to try again and see if I will change my mind or not.

I classified Amsterdam my favourite city in Europe because it suits me very well, it was beyond my expectations and I developed a passion for cheese from there, but I will tell you more in the next article.

I definitely want to hear your opinion about Paris, so leave a comment below.

Thank you for your time!

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