How to fall in love with Amsterdam


I fell in love with Amsterdam in the right moment when I left the Central Station.

I looked back and saw this huge and full of architecture building standing right in the centre of Amsterdam. After this short moment of “wow” I went to the accommodation. I couldn’t wait to get rid of all the luggage and start walking through this amazing city where I felt like it really needs to be discovered.

I left home with a list of tourist attractions and plans, but at the end of this city break, I didn’t really stick to the plan, but I don’t regret it. This means I should visit this city again, right?

As I started walking through the canals, I began admiring the colourful and high houses which were on the right while on the left were boat houses floating at the edge of the canals. I still find it awesome to live in a boat with a terrace on a canal in the middle of Amsterdam. Those people seem to be happier and careless.

That day I took a cruise through the canals where I was able to see a huge part of Amsterdam and the Nemo Science Museum. It’s impressive when you pass under the bridges full of bicycles and pots of multi-colored flowers with people who wave a shy hello to the tourists.

After the cruise, I went to the Rembrandt House Museum. This museum is my kind of art museum. I like to see where the artists have done their work and how. This house tells the story of Rembrandt. I understood his art due to the museum that provides you with a device where you enter the number of the painting and tells the story behind it. Also in one of the floors, it shows how he creates the paint and his workshop. The museum gives tourists a colour palette, a brush and a painting support with which you can take photos and be an artist for a second.

Another beautiful attraction in Amsterdam is Dam Square, a place in the old centre full of attractions all around. There lays the Royal Palace with its neoclassical architecture, which was a city hall back in the history, the Gothic New Church and the popular Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. They also have a National Monument designed in memory for all the victims of World War II. From this square arise Kalverstraat, the most famous street for shopping in the Amsterdam. It’s always full of tourists, but you find good quality items.

Now, after all these walking, the first thing that comes into our minds is food. So we’ve found a place really good and cheap in the city centre named “La Place”. Is a self-service restaurant full of various food, from fresh fruits and salads to cooked meat and sweets. All the food here is fresh and delicious. I ate the main course, dessert, fruits and all these were around 10 euros.

Another place for eating is Kapitein Zeppos, a brasserie hidden from all the crowd of the city. It’s a quiet spot full of flowers, green plants and lights. It gives you the feeling that you are welcomed in the most relaxing way. The eating is good, the prices as well. There I tried the great fries with mayonnaise, the Dutch speciality.

Because in the end, we need to return home, it is always a pleasure to return with gifts, souvenirs for your family and friends. So there are markets in this city full of tulip bulbs, souvenirs and cheese. Also, they are known for wood sabots painted and decorated with different symbols. You can find them as a souvenir in different sizes and different materials like ceramics.

I bought cheese from this place called “Cheese &  more” by Henri Willig. You can find there lots of flavoured cheese, condiments, wine and gifts for your beloved ones. I return home with tulips and I planted them in my garden. A year after they beautifully bloomed.

My experience was amazing, I really enjoyed Amsterdam with its canals which in the night are illuminated by street lamps and gives a romantic view, its happy people, its cleanness and its freedom. I would definitely go again!

What do you think, would you like to go to Amsterdam?

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