Don’t read this if you hate Romania

This article is not for those who hate Romania because they might change their thoughts and I think I want to be responsible for that.

Romania is full of secret, unpopular places with wild nature in its Carpathian mountain range. It has fortresses and castle, for example, Peles Castle, Bran Castle famous for the Dracula tale from Transilvania, Rasnov Fortress, Fagaras Fortress and many other.

My country has its beauty, but few people appreciate what they have or what Romania could give.

In this article, I will write about a little piece of Romania namely Brasov county. A county that belongs to Transilvania part which hides beautiful gems and I’m sure you will think the same.

My last trip to Brasov was a few days ago. Now I can say that were the most significant two days there because I could reach places I never thought I would visit.

Let’s see a little preview before I will tell you the adventure.


In the first day, I went to 7 Stairs Canyon in Sacele, a village near the Brasov City. From there this route starts. It is 1/1,5 hours walking up to the canyon through a tangled forest with bridges above streams, little falls made by rocks, fresh air and the sound of nature. You arrive at the bottom of the canyon, pay 10 lei and then all the adventure starts. It’s called 7 Stairs Canyon because you need to climb seven stairs made of steel through the huge rocks and a fall that spring from there. It’s amazing what nature and a little bit of human interaction could create for us, tourists.

Canyon 7, Romania

Imagine climbing on a steel ladder next to the fall, sparkling you with cold, fresh water drops. I think everyone should feel this.

Then the signs will guide you out of the Canyon on the return route.

It’s an easy mountain trail which allows everyone to see a piece of Transilvania.

Canyon 7 Stairs, Romania

After this recharge with fresh air, I and Gabi arrived at our accommodation, which was also in Sacele. It was a beautiful pension, located on a hill, full of grass, flowers and cheerfulness.

For a long time, I haven’t stayed in such a peaceful and quiet place. During the day and even at night you hear just the sound of nature. From there the stars look different. It’s like you are getting closer and closer to the sky, see all those stars and some of them that you never knew that they were there by now. It’s magical!

Sacele, Brasov, Romania

In that evening we went to Brasov city. I always liked Brasov, its vibrancy, history and the old town are the reasons why it is constantly full of tourists.

In the city centre, you can start walking and admiring the majestic Black Church, being the largest Lutheran place of worship from this area. Therefore, if you look up you can spot the letters of the word BRASOV placed on Tampa mountain. Also, the streets of the old town are full of restaurants, bars and street singers. It’s always a pleasure to visit Brasov. Here several events are planned every year, most of them are being festivals: food festivals, Oktober Fest which take place in September, music festivals and so on.

After a short walking through the old part of the city, we reached one of the festivals programmed then, precisely, the Street Food Festival located at the bottom of Tampa mountain.

I love food festivals. They came with food trucks, with various types of food from all over the world, gathering in one place. You can taste from Mexican food to Spanish, drink Prosecco and have a delicious ice cream or waffle. Anything you like or you would like to taste it’s there.

Another reason for loving food festivals is that they don’t bring just food. They come with music, outdoor movies, relaxing atmosphere and happiness. I’m so glad that I didn’t miss this one! I stayed on the grass watching a movie, drinking fresh lemonade and having some cheesy nachos. What else do you need?

Now, on the second day, we decided to visit Fagaras Fortress. It is also in Brasov county, at an hour of driving.

Fagaras Fortress, built in 1310, was known as the strongest fortification in Transilvania. The fortress is surrounded by a moat filled with water which, back then, in medieval times, it was a good method of defence due to the only entrance provided by a bridge over the moat.

In 1948, the fortress was occupied by communists and turned into a prison for those who disagreed with the political manners.

Fortress Fagaras, Romania

Today it is a museum and a lovely spot for your wedding ceremony.

If Brasov wasn’t on your list, I hope now I stimulate your urge and put it on your next destination in Romania.

If you have any question related don’t hesitate to comment below!



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