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My story

There is no much to say here. I’m 20 years old and currently an accountant student. All my life, in the summer I travelled with my parents in my country, Romania. I visited a lot of my country and yet, there is still some of it left. At the age of 15, I started to go abroad with my aunt and in high school camps. So, since I know, I have travelled at least once a year. But this year, 2017, was something different about all that. I succeeded in organising my own trips, city breaks, in Europe. I travelled with my other half, just the two of us in Europe. At that moment a simple question bumped in my mind: What if?  What if this I want to do in my life: to travel, organise trips and share my experiences and my emotions with people from all over the world. But not just simple articles about travelling, what if I could inspire and empathize my journeys, my memories and then much people would travel.

So I begin my goal with this travel blog hoping to inspire you as the world map inspires me.