5 Reasons why you’ll love Venice

Canals through Venice
Venice and its beauty


Have you ever planned a trip in detail but when you arrive there you forget the plan and let the instinct guide you through the city? Well, this happens to me frequently, so in Venice.

Although we had lists of attractions and a room on Grand Canal, next to the Central station, nothing of this happens. All changed at the moment we arrived there.  But every cloud has a silver lining. Without it, I couldn’t let myself surprised by this beautiful city.

Now let me present you some of the reasons I sincerely love Venice.


It’s a must when you go to Italy to eat some gelato. This invention is the best dessert, besides Tiramisu. In Venice right in front of the Central Station, it’s a big gelateria called Magnum. I said to myself that I need to eat some ice cream from there, even though it was February.

At this place, for 5 euro, you can choose the aromas and mix it on an ice cream bar. Next, you pick three different toppings from cookies, brownies to dried fruits and candies. The result is incredible and tasty. From then I eat just Magnum ice cream, this is how much it impressed me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo to show you this experience but click on this link.


As we walked through the streets of Venice at sunset, we found a small bar next to a canal. It was full of people who were enjoying a glass of wine or Prosecco with some mini sandwiches with the purpose of tasting your Prosecco and feeling the real flavour. That flavour which tells you to buy another one. Gabi and I were pleased with hearing different accents and people having fun on a Tuesday night.

This bar is called Osteria Al Squero and I’m glad that the streets of Venice took me to it. There, a glass of wine is around one euro.

Another bar that I heard of, but I couldn’t make it, is The Bra Bar. The real name of it is Bacaro Jazz but is known as the Bra Bar for the amazing deal of taking your bra off for a free drink. As you already guess it is just for women.  🙂 Next time I will definitely let them a souvenir.

3.Attractions in Venice

First of all the streets themselves, we can call tourist attractions, they are small, tangled and leads to beautiful destinations.

Venice in it's beauty

What impressed me the most was Ponte de Rialto at night because in the middle of the day you can’t see anything or admire it enough as a result of too many tourists. Ponte de Rialto leads you to the Piazza San Marco where you can find all the popular attractions in Venice: Basilica San Marco, Doge’s Palace, Torre Dell ’Orologio and Campanile di San Marco. In other words, the beating heart of Venice is here.

Night on Ponte de Rialto

I choose to write about Campanile di San Marco for being the most impressive and highest building from Venice. It’s a 98.6 metres bell tower which stands in the front of Basilica San Marco. The tourists could reach the top of the tower by lift and see the whole Venice from there. It is a beautiful scenery and worth every cent.

Scenery above Venice

A must-see landmark in Venice is the Theatre La Fenice. Theatre name was associated with the mythological bird Pheonix which rises from the fire again and again like the opera did three times during 230 years. The best moment to visit the theatre is during rehearsals. You pay extra money but they worth it. Just imagine as you walk in with your audio guide leading through all these different halls with various architecture you reach the 3rd floor and have a seat on a lodge. You can have the experience of your life, at a low price, standing in front of great singers, listen to them practice and feel all the emotions transmitted from their powerful voice. It’s stunning.

4.Grand Canal at night

At night, Venice seems to be magical. All the canals illuminated by street lamps, fewer and fewer people on streets, it is just like you walking around in unknown places.

The most surprising thing is that you walk through some streets and you return on others without wanting it to happen. At night, this is a problem.  It happened to us that at 11 pm we got lost and the GPS let us down. The best thing you can do in this kind of situation is to ask if you see someone.

Besides this, the sky was clear and the full moon was up. It was a very romantic night in a quiet city, where all the couples were at restaurants near canals drinking wine, eating pasta in a diffuse light of a small candle.

We enjoyed the full moon from a bench and the lights of the city laying on the grand buildings in Venice.

5.The Masks

Venice has many symbols, but a famous one and centuries-old is the mask. These masks were worn centuries ago for the protection of the identity. People used them for romantic purposes or criminal ones.  Nowadays they are used only in the Carnival of Venice or as a souvenir. They could have a baroque style with complex decorations or simple one but mysterious. Anything you choose to buy it gives you a feeling of an enigmatic period when you wore it.


I couldn’t resist the temptation so I bought one for myself.  It’s nice, isn’t it?

While in Venice

I hope all these reasons to love Venice you will consider them too or they will inspire you to choose this city as your next trip to Europe.

Wish you best!



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