5 activities you don’t want to miss in Greece

Greece has so much to offer! Clear water, sandy beaches and wild cliffs, amazing food and entertaining Greek music. I truly enjoy their culture and beliefs, their legends about Greek Gods and Goddess told by every tour guide.

Four years in a row I spent one week of summer in Greece while I participated in a camp organised by my high school in Paralia Katerini. I took every opportunity the high school offered me to win a place in this camp.  Worth every effort!

In this trip to Greece, I have learned a lot about this country. I visited stunning parts of the island and heard lots of mysterious legends. Almost everything in Greece has a story to be told.

Let’s start with a beautiful legend, of Eros and Psiheea.

Once upon a time, it was told that a long time ago, in Crete, was a king and a queen who had three daughters. Even if the first two were full of graces, the little one, Psiheea was unbelievable. The citizens and even the foreign ones were gathering around her, praising her beauty. Because of her, the people forgot to glory Afrodita, the Goddess of love and beauty, letting her altars without their flame and finery. Then, Afrodita got angry and jealous of Psiheea and her power of attraction. At that moment, she called her son, Eros (named by Romans Cupidon) to go in Crete, find Psiheea and put a spell on her that nobody will ever love her. Also, to pour in her soul a love for a hateful and unbecoming creature.

After listening to the Goddess, Eros stretched his gold wings and flew to meet his mother order. He reached Crete in the evening when the princess was asleep.  And Eros charm the king’s daughter with a kiss on her eyes. Then, he must finish the spell with an arrow from his sack. While searching for it, he scratched in one of them and immediately fell in love with Psiheea. This mistake of him lasted forever. So, in the end, after fighting with Afrodita, Zeus blessed Eros and Psiheea to live together on the land of the Gods.

Now let’s find the worth in travelling in Greece.

Paralia Katerini

A small place in the north Greece, with clear water, sandy beaches and also, a cheap seaside. The food is tasty, especially Gyros Pita.

In Paralia aren’t so many things to see or to do. But from this part, starts gorgeous trips around Greece.

1. Meteora

The meaning of Meteora comes from the Greek word “meteoron” which means “lofty”.The monasteries built on the high mountain rocks give an unbelievable scenery. They represented a glorious time for the monarchal community.

The legend says that the founder Athanasios Koinovitis was carried by angels on the top of a cliff where later was built The Monastery of Great Meteoron.

This stunning view is seen by lots of tourists every year, visiting the monasteries, listening to the history and respecting the heritage.

Meteora view

Meteora view


2. Cruise to Skiathos

This one-day trip starts with a cruise on the Aegean Sea to Skiathos Island from the Amaliapolis Volos harbour. We were friendly welcomed by the Elisabet Cruise staff on one of their boats.

Ship to Skiathos

The best thing about this cruise is that the staff tries to entertain the tourists as much as possible. For example, they put the most popular songs every country on their board have and invite you to dance. Also, they teach you Sirtaki, the traditional Greek dance. The prize for learning how to Sirtaki is a shot of Metaxa. While having so much fun on the board, the ship lands on a beach from Skiathos Island.

A beach with golden sand, pine forest in the back and clear and salty water, with little fish playing at your feet.

There you spend about 2-3 hours and then you embark on the ship to the next stop, Skiathos Town.

Skiathos cruise

This island town keeps the Greek feeling because of the colourful houses painted in blue and white as the Greek flag, the taverns and salty air. Walking through, you can find good places to eat, and beautiful spots for admiring the island.

Skiathos view

3. Pirate cruise

Another fun cruise! This time it is about experiencing new and exciting ways to enjoy the sea.

The ship sails to a wild beach near a cliff to take a bath in the sea and enjoy only the company of your group. Then they get you somewhere where you feel in the middle of the ocean and let you do some jumps in the cold blue water. If you know how to swim and you like this kind of experiences, feel free to try it!

After all this swimming, you might get hungry. Well, these guys don’t let you starve, so they cook for you some fresh mussels served with lemon. Delicious meal! If you are not into seafood, they have for you Souvlaki with Tzatziki sauce. Also a Greek meal.

Pirate cruise, mussels

4. Edessa and Pozar

Edessa it’s a green city and unknown for tourists,  full of waterfall parks. It’s a pleasure to walk through one of this kind of parks and bump in an impressive waterfall. For one euro you can reach the backside of the waterfall and see it as a curtain for the view.

Waterfalls in Edessa

The next destination is Pozar, a spot placed in a forest which hides some thermal baths and small waterfalls. Do not forget your swimsuit! There are small water ponds with warm water in the middle of a cold river. It’s a pity if you miss them.

Also, it’s a great tourist zone where exists showers, cloakrooms and a huge pool with thermal water.  You can walk in the forest or stay under the waterfall and get a nice massage. You have plenty of time to do both.

5. Volos City

Volos is a city on Mount Pelion, Greece. Here you have stunning beaches and traditional villages.

The guide will take you to a mountain village from where you can see the Volos City from above and be amazed by the sea meeting the mountain nature. That’s why I love Greece. It combines the salty sea with green mountains and rocky cliffs and gives you an impressive portrait of nature.

This time I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Mount Pelion view

Volos, Greece

Thank you for giving a chance to this article for finding more about Greece and its beautiful nature.





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