48 hours in London on a student budget

Big Ben, London

Two days in London seems to be so little for visiting the entire city and feel the “London experience”. But also you can do a lot of things if you have a short research before stepping into that plane to London.

Let’s assume you already booked a sit in a plane and your accommodation, all for just 85 euro per person, two nights. How is this possible? Well buy your flight from time, around two months earlier or find a last-minute deal to London. A good way to find cheap accommodation is to book a room on Airbnb. It’s an opportunity to save some money for food and great experiences.

After you arrange this important two things, you will have some research on what we can see and do in this 48 hours with little money.

First of all, London has a lot of free museums where you can enjoy and have a taste of English history. For example, you can visit British Museum, one of the oldest museum in the entire world, Museum of London and Natural History Museum with hundreds of exhibits. To find more free places you can read on Aventurescu.

Secondly, I found this great site, Get your Guide, where you can find interactive and fun experiences. From them, you can learn about London and listen to a lot of information without getting bored. Sounds fun right? They have a lot of themed tours and discounted tickets for most of the attractions.

Despite all the museums and entertaining tours, Londoners have beautiful landmarks and street shows with talented people, busy bars and good places to eat.

Now let’s have some examples of what you can choose to do on your city break.

Buckingham Palace

The royal palace likes to entertain all the people coming to visit London with the Changing Guard. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 11 am, the guard is changing and form an impressive choreography in the front of the Buckingham Palace. Most of the tourists add it to their lists so you should do it as well.

London Bridge Experience

As I said a few words about Get your Guide platform, London Bridge Experience is a part of it. This activity leads you to the tombs of the London Bridge, story-telling you the history of a centuries-old bridge that suffers a lot during 800 years. These facts are told by actors in a dynamic background, leading you through different stages of history. In the end, the actors get you to scary rooms where they let you discover, in a horror way, how many experiments on humans were made and how people were persecuted centuries ago.

So if you want a sense of adrenaline, London Bridge Experience is surely a good idea. All these costs 17,5 euro and you can buy the tickets online. Let the fun begin!

Cruise down the River Thames

The second lovely adventure in London was the River Thames Lunch Cruise. This activity cost us a little bit more, 36 euro per person, but worth every cent. On this cruise, we admired the biggest bridges passing above us, we had a delicious lunch and it was beyond our expectations.


I and Gabi had the time of our life, back then on that boat. We met a nice Romanian guy who was working there. We talked a lot, said our story, and he recommends us a great place to eat, cheap and tasty. I will tell you about it later in this article.

At some point we climbed on the top floor of the boat and took some pictures, enjoying the great wheater and the big news we received it, that we both of us will have the chance to experience the Erasmus programme. It was fantastic!

The two of us with the Tower Brigde

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is a busy landmark, full of street music, bars and restaurants. Here I found the taste of London. After walking around, we decided to enter in an English bar. We jumped in a full bar on Tuesday evening, found a little place for two and have a drink. I can’t explain how relaxing it was. Even if it was very active and full of people screaming, laughing, having fun after work, I had the feeling that I was in the right moment at the right time. This bar is called The Warwick Bar and have yummy drinks and cocktails.

After having a drink, we went to Nando’s, the place recommended by the Romanian guy met on the cruise. It was near The Warwick Bar so we were lucky finding it so easy.

Nando’s have the best Piri Piri chicken. Fried chicken with fries or other sides and if you like spicy food, for 12 pounds there is the best place for an actually hot date.

Emirates Stadium

When we talk about London, we should not avoid the most popular sport: football. This beautiful British capital is the home for most of the famous football teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham or Fulham. This time, we visited the Arsenal team house, most precisely Emirates Stadium. The stadium’s a real sanctuary for football fans, from parking zone and locker room to the interior museum. For 15 pounds you get a tour of the entire stadium. At the end of the tour, you receive a certificate as a souvenir.

Football field

Football field



M&M World

Another cool spot I visited is M&M World. A huge market only with M&M products, from candies to shakes and pyjamas with the popular faces. It’s a magical place for M&M lovers. You can mix the candies colours and buy a lot of them.


Look what we’ve done!


Outside the store is a little park with a big fountain where you can relax. There was a bit box singer who offered an incredible show. A lot of people gathered around him and were captivated by his performance.

It’s great to be aware and see a lot of talented people, but it’s a shame that most of them are being ignored.

These are a few things that you can do in 48 hours in London. Hope you like it and consider this article when you search for your future city break in London.


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